Georgia Boot Mud Dog GB00243

These are Georgia Boot Mud Dog Composite Toe Waterproof Work Wellington GB00243.

These stylish boots with pull on holes have a number of great features that you can see and some that you can’t but definitely want to have.

The Mud Dogs have a very protective Composite Toe with the ASTM F2413 protective toe classification, the ASTM F2413 electrical hazard standard to protect you from any electrical shock that you might encounter.

The Mud Dogs are waterproof but they are more than just waterproof they are Georgia Waterproof. Georgia Waterproof is a system and guarantee that water will not penetrate your boots. The proprietary system is a heavily fortified against water. Your feet will stay dry in even the most wet of conditions.

Beyond the waterproofing the Mud Dogs are also chemical resistant on the outsole and oil and slips resistant which adds another few levels of protection.
Even more exterior protection the Ergo-Fit composite toe cap allows your toes to have more wiggle room while still being protected.

The included Counter Lock System while looking very stylish that also provides a more stable, comfortable fit, and additional stability in boots that have it and should you ever want to take off your boots it serves as a kick off so you can remove your boot without damaging the leather.

Inside is the AMP LT insole a polyurethane base and a layer of cushioning memory foam will cradle your feet for all day comfort. Keeping you comfortable whether you’re in wet, dry, and even some chemical conditions.

The Georgia Boot Mud Dog Composite Toe Waterproof Work Wellington GB00243 will be on the best 11 inch pull-ons you’ll ever have on your feet both inside and out.

You’ll definitely want to have these functional and stylish boots as a part of your collection.